Article from Reason by Scott Shackford.

Lawmakers are considering eliminating the authority of Alabama police and prosecutors to seize and keep citizens’ property and money without actually convicting them of any crimes.

Unsurprisingly, prosecutors and sheriffs in Alabama would like to keep the gravy train going. But they’re surprisingly blunt in admitting that they’re in it for the money.

In an op-ed by the Prosecutor and Sheriff’s Associations a blunt and scary admission was made:

“Meanwhile, sending the proceeds of forfeiture to the state’s General Fund would result in fewer busts of drug and stolen property rings. What incentive would local police and sheriffs have to invest manpower, resources and time in these operations if they don’t receive proceeds to cover their costs?”

Guys, you’re not supposed to actually admit publicly that the purpose of civil asset forfeiture is to keep the money for yourselves and that you only fight crime when you can cash in. And if you’re busting “stolen property rings,” aren’t you supposed to returning that stuff to their rightful owners?

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