Article from Rare by Bonnie Kristian.

President Trump on Friday spoke at an FBI graduation ceremony for police officers from around the country who completed an 11-week training. While much coverage of the president’s speech focused on the contrast betweenhis enthusiasm for the FBI on stage on the one hand, and his administration’s attacks on the agency on the other, that wasn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the talk.

As both Reason and The New York Times noticed, in the middle of his speech, Trump falsely claimed the Obama administration deprived local law enforcement of access to military gear.

The truth is the Obama administration did not refuse to give surplus military equipment to local law enforcement. On the contrary, the Obama years oversaw a massive transfer of battlefield gear to cops for use in American streets, against the American public.

What makes this all so frustrating—beyond the standard frustration that comes with the president telling blatant, easily disproved falsehoods in service to his own personal glory and agenda—is that militarizing police doesn’t make anything better. The public or police officers aren’t made any safer.