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Just because Midwestern universities and colleges have been largely spared the left-wing violence that has marred campus events on the West and East coasts doesn’t mean the heartland is a safe space for conservative students.

On the campus of the University of Minnesota, for example, conservative students say they have been subject to harassment and threats – albeit nonviolent – for their political beliefs.

“Free speech is being shut down on college campuses around the country,” Madison Faupel, the president of the Minnesota College Republicans, told the Star Tribune, adding that she has been threatened with violence and attacked on social media.

“Here’s a guy who comes in and says free enterprise is better than communism and the United States is a great country, and he’s so controversial he requires armed guards on campus,” John Hinderaker, president of the Center of the American Experiment, said of a recent speech at the University of Minnesota by Turning Points USA founder Charles Kirk. “We really have reached a point of insanity.”

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