Article from Reason by Baylen Linnekin.

Police in Atlanta are the latest blunt instrument around the country used to crack down on people sharing food with those in need.

Though the Fulton County permit requirement Atlanta police claim to be enforcing has been on the books for many years, it appears Atlanta’s mayor only decided recently to enforce it, just in time for Thanksgiving. Violators face potential fines.

This crackdown is part of a larger, awful, and national trend.

“Beginning in the mid-2000s… many cities around the country began to crack down on good Samaritans… who provide food to the homeless and less fortunate,” I write in my recent book, Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable.

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Image Credit: By Jamelle Bouie [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons