Article from Reason by Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

After their DNA was found on 18-year-old “Anna Chambers” in September, the two Brooklyn narcotics officers who she accused of raping her admitted to sex with the young woman. But they claimed the contact—which occured after police pulled over Chambers on a traffic stop, found loose prescription pills in her bag, and took her into their custody—was consensual. Now they’re trying to discredit her by pointing prosecutors to her “provocative” social-media selfies and to tweets where she lashes out at someone accusing her of lying.

The officers, Richard Hall and Eddie Martins, are currently on modified duty with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) as the investigation continues.

The teenager claims Hall and Martins took her into their van in handcuffs and told her they would let her go if she had sex with them. “There was zero consent,” her lawyer, Michael David, told The New York Post. “The cops were over 6 feet tall. She’s very petite, like 5-2 and maybe 100 pounds. There’s nothing she could do.”

A male friend in the car with Chambers when she was pulled over said the Prozac and Klonopin police found in were his, but police let him go. “They said she’s not allowed to have them outside the bottle, they’re a controlled substance, and she has to go to the precinct,” he told the Post. “I saw them put her in cuffs.” At the station a half-hour or so later, however, the friend was told Chambers had not been brought in. He found her back at the car, drove her home, and then went with her and her mother to the hospital.

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