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A Maine high school student who comes from a family of avid hunters was told he cannot pose for his senior yearbook photo holding a shotgun.

Wane Gelinas, a senior at Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, said hunting is a family tradition and he wanted his last yearbook photo to show his love of the sport.

In a Facebook post, Gelinas wrote: “So here’s what I wanted to have as my senior picture but was informed ‘No you can’t put something like that in the yearbook.’ So you’re telling me that a football player can have theirs with a football, a lacrosse player can have theirs with their stick, and a guy or girl can dress up like one or the other but a hunter can’t have theirs with their gun!”

School Principal Lori Napolitano told WCSH-TV the photo goes against the school’s code of conduct, which prevents bringing weapons to school or wearing clothing or other items that depict weapons.

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Image Credit: By KAZ Vorpal (Flickr: Declaration of Independence, with Firearm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons