Article from Reason by Scott Shackford.

The campus police at Berkeley may not be able to stop people from trashing the town while protesting conservative college speakers, but they sure can rain down hell on some hot dog vendor for not having a permit.

That appears to be what happened over the weekend. Martin Flores, a Berkeley alumnus, recorded two members of the University of California Police bringing the hammer down on an unlicensed hot dog vendor serving folks attending Saturday’s football game.

Flores’ videos probably wouldn’t have made such a splash online if the officer had simply cited the vendor, named Juan, and made him stop selling his food. What’s drawing attention is the officer’s casually condescending demeanor as he made this poor man miserable, and also the fact that he took Juan’s wallet, removed the cash from it, and kept it. Watch the video below:

The officer has been identified as Sean Aranas, and there is now an online petition trying to get him removed (and some people have claimed in the comments under the petition that he has harassed others and them).

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