26 Aug 2019

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Pelosi Looks to Limit Freedom of Expression
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Pelosi Looks to Limit Freedom of Expression 

Article from Reason by David Harsanyi.

I have zero interest in financially supporting any politician, much less ones I find morally unpalatable. Yet Democrats want to force me—and every other American taxpayer—to contribute, as a matter of public policy, to the campaigns of candidates we disagree with. Believe it or not, this might be an even more dangerous assault on free expression than unpleasant tweets directed at CNN anchors.

One of Nancy Pelosi’s first projects as the new speaker of the House will be passing a government overhaul of campaign finance and ethics rules that would, among other things, “expand voting rights.” One of the new bills—specifics are still cloudy—reportedly would allocate a pool of taxpayer money to match small-dollar donations 6-to-1, as a way of encouraging “grass-roots campaigning,” according to The Wall Street Journal.

The package, fortunately, wouldn’t pass the Senate. But creating government-financed campaigns—empowering the state to allocate money to preferred donors and dissuading non-preferred donors—has been something of a hobbyhorse in progressive circles. Setting aside the many constitutional concerns, the recent abuses by the IRS when tasked with regulating political speech demonstrate just how easy it is for bureaucrats to manipulate rules meant to govern speech. These are rules that shouldn’t exist, period.

Some big cities have already begun handing out tax-funded “democracy vouchers.” In other words, politicians have passed legislation that subsidizes the speech of people who will, for the most part, support them. It’s quite the racket. Pelosi wants to take this corruption national.

Read the entire article at Reason.

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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    If Pelosi said the sun rises in the AM I would ask for a second opinion. In other words I would not rust anything coming from Pelosi or her gang of thieves. Whatever comes from the democrats may sound good at first blush, but, dig deeper and you find something that screws everyone but the democrats. Point is all they care about is themselves and how they can gain power even if it hurts everyone else.

    1. Debra

      Ditto……….. my thoughts exactly…

  2. James

    I take a small exception to that. It will not screw “everyone but democrats”, though they probably don’t see that yet. It will screw everyone but the Richest Democrats.
    As for your comment on Pelosi, May I stand on your soapbox with you?

  3. Gene Ralno

    Aren’t these dopes interested in national defense, interstate commerce, international trade and other such minor congressional duties? Good grief, do they believe taxpayers exist to fund their foibles?!! We need a civilian body that oversees what they do and when they step away from those things they were elected to do, punish them somehow, perhaps starting with cuffing them and taking them home.

  4. George

    How about it America? Give Pissloser a one finger freedom of expression..

  5. Me

    She is a crazy old woman and evil to boot. She is a communist. She should be tried for her treasonous and tyrannical crimes against America. Trump needs to take all congress pay from them and pay them minimum wage that is all their worth they are to be working for the American people but instead work for all other foreign countries time them all to go especially that Muslime terrorist That starts out saying she is going to impeach Trump if I was president I would fire her then deport her and her whole family. Trump start deporting all illegals and all who do not love this country they can all go back to where they came from. Get rid of all treasonous bastards in the house and senate you know which ones need to go and the ones who have committed treasonous crimes against we the people they all need to be hung from their necks in public time to stop playing games with these brain dead politicians time to hang them. And to all liberals and demoncrats leave the Constitution alone or you will have big problems.

  6. dkwalburg

    Pelosi is mentally challenged as a Marxist, who describes a wall as immoral and murdering babies as acceptable. HUH

  7. Debbie Anders

    Pelosi cannot even complete a full sentence! Give her a minute…. she will fall flat in her face! She gets the ID-10-T award daily!

  8. Debbie Anders

    On her face! Oops!

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