15 Dec 2018
Here’s Why Public Sector Unions Need To Die

Here’s Why Public Sector Unions Need To Die 

Article from Reason by David Harsanyi.


How does a public-sector union work? Easy.

First, the state creates a monopoly. The monopoly forces taxpayers to fund those workers, whether they do a good job or not. The union then coerces workers to pay dues regardless of whether or not they want to. Then the union uses those dues to help fund political advocacy that perpetuates their monopoly and the union’s influence. So, in other words: racketeering.

Among many significant problems with this arrangement, the most obvious is that it’s an assault on freedom of association. If there is another organization in American life that has a license to compel workers to participate in their nongovernmental organization simply to secure a job, I haven’t heard of it.

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments inĀ Janus v. AFSCME, a case in which a man named Mark Janus, a non-union child-support specialist in Illinois, argued that his First Amendment rights were violated because he is forced to pay “agency fees” to a public-sector union. It was dismaying, though not unexpected, that during oral arguments, justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor concerned themselves with the impact the decision would have on union membership rather than concerning themselves with impact this kind of policy has on the Constitution.


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Image Credit: Industrial Workers of the World journal “Solidarity” [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_hand_that_will_rule_the_world.jpg)], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Mark

    Unions offer jobs, to qualified persons, where right to work gives jobs to unqualified people. Right to work lowers the available wage people receive, which further disrupts personal growth, and does not offer personalized instruction for its workers.
    Unions offer job specific classes, opportunities for advancement, better wages, retirement plans, medical insurances that are second only to government workers.
    Was a good try, on this article, but you missed the Mark.
    Right to work is WRONG!!!!! If you don’t agree, why not have your dentist give you a heart transplant.

    1. Tyronne Shoelaces

      Way off base. Unions perpetuate cronyism. Try getting a dock job without someone in your family already working there.

    2. pineapple1

      Required union membership is nothing but legalized extortion. It forces workers to pay for the political empowerment of union officials who donate to politicians who support unions and to enrich union officials.

    3. Erick

      Not sure how you think unions hire only qualified persons, as I’ve seen lots of highly moronic union workers in my time, and highly intelligent private sector workers. It goes both ways. Are you biased just b/c you’re a cheerleader for the unions perhaps?
      Unions offer classes that are typically a waste of time. Not to mention, these classes are usually there just to pay another union member (i.e. educator, teacher, instructor, etc.) a wage. Private sector jobs do in fact provide classes, and in some cases, required by law. The classes required by law are often just as idiotic and wasteful of time as the union mandated classes.
      You’re right that unions offer higher wages, retirement, insurance, etc., and look at the overall cost of that: jobs performed by unions cost far more than the same job performed by private sector; and good quality isn’t guaranteed either way. Sad thing is, taxpayers foot this bill and pay for these extra-goodies (health insurance, retirement, etc.) that the private sector simply cannot afford to pay to it’s employees, not b/c they don’t want to, but b/c they simply don’t have the money (thanks to inflation, taxes, and oh yeah, cities and states using more tax dollars to use those expensive unions to do a job that the private sector can do.)
      It’s funny you mention a dentist profession, as they work along the same lines as unions do (required licenses, mandated classes, and they often get retirement, health insurance, etc). Maybe that’s why they’re so high?

  2. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Ginsberg is still alive? I thought they just propped her up in a corner like an Irish wake.

    1. pineapple1

      She is dead and doesn’t know it.

  3. Marten

    Public Sector Unions are a horror. Their “Contracts” are not signed in good faith, because the Taxpayers are paying the “Contracts”, and by the way have no say in their terms….Bigger Gov’s means more useless jobs and money for Unions….but in places where Unions are strong Public Finances tend to be in rough shape..

  4. Gene Ralno

    This article is spot on. For college income, I worked for the Santa Fe Railroad during the summers of 1961-63. Never such union abuse. When harvest work in Kansas disappeared, I signed up for the “extra gang” at Chicago’s Corwith Yards. I was never called and when I inquired, they told me I had not yet joined the Brotherhood. So I did and worked the same day. Many with whom I worked not only manipulated locations, shifts, jobs, car cards and whatever their imagination conjured. Many worked in Chicago and collected unemployment in Gary, Indiana. Some voted in both states. It was a criminal’s paradise. Not my cup of tea.

  5. Ernst

    Indeed, public sector unions are a travesty against the general citizenry. Public sector employees are already given an insane level of job protection. Unions do not so much protect employee rights as lobby for additional pay and spend union dues on political issues.

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